Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tigers on Tejon

I was particularly excited about this when I read the article since I have had trouble finding CC merch close to where I live. Tigers on Tejon is a new extension of the "hidden" CC bookstore on campus. The store is located on N. Tejon technically off campus but in a CC owned building at 830 N. Tejon St. It provides us south-siders with an alternative to driving all the way up to the Chapel Hills Mall for CC stuff (although players bench is now open on S. Tejon and Red Mountain has a small CC stash) or an online retailer where most of mine has come from. It should help with visibility in the communtiy as well, especially since CC has often been labeled as having the worst community-campus relationship in the country, hence the reason why a lot of people don't even know where it is (even locals!). I haven't made it over to the store yet but I will soon (I'm looking for a black and throwback jersey on sale) and I'll give a fill review when I do. For now, check out the newspaper article or pay a visit yourself!