Thursday, September 11, 2008

NHL 08 to a whole new level

I currently have NHL 08 for my 360 and have gone crazy with customizing the league and teams. I added a team in Vegas, Seattle, Quebec, Winnipeg and KC and removed the obvious teams that don't belong, as well as made a CC team. Sounds impressive to some but the customizations are pretty limited on the 360. Hop on over to the PC and it's crazy what they've done. Ever heard of Project NHL? Probably the coolest thing I've ever seen done. Everything that EA either screwed up or was too lazy to work on, these guys have done it. If the Denver Post ads in Pepsi Center or up-to-date goalie masks aren't enough, check out what I found today. Original Six season, complete with arenas, jerseys and fans in suits!! (and the best hockey song ever!) I think I've just validated buying 08 for PC for a couple bucks on Amazon...