Thursday, September 18, 2008

A few notes

Well the new blog has been up for a few weeks now and it's great to see there is steady traffic coming in from the previous address. As the content grows on this site I'm sure interest will follow. I checked out the site on a friends computer in Lincoln this weekend to see how it looks on a non-wide screen computer with different settings and I was happy to see that the site looks as it should. The color was more yellow on his monitor (the banner is more gold on mine) but overall good except that I'm ticked to see that the links are blue and purple, they are set at gold and vegas gold in the settings but the display won't show. Any one else have the ugly blue and purple links all over the page? What do you all think of the Uncaged video of my pic highlights?

So here's how I spent my weekend. After going to games for 6 years it never gets old. You want to see a true intro video and stadium atmosphere stay tuned, I'll post the famous Tunnel Walk both from the stands I shot Saturday night and just the vid itself. And for the record, screw conference loyalty, I hope CU gets the crap kicked out of them tonight, I hate those egotistical pr**ks from Boulder.

So I got the new Tigers' schedule magnet in the mail a few weeks ago with the new slogan "Let's Prey Together". Anyone else think that's cheesy and stupid, not to mention offensive?! No wonder I'm hesitant about working in an ad agency. Check out the comment on this posting.