Friday, January 9, 2009

A little while back there was a big uproar over the NCAA Tournament and the possibility that teams would be seeded based on region, rather than "bracket integrity". It was getting tossed around by the "powers" of College Hockey but I hadn't heard much in a while. Well I spottedan article on CHN from December discussing the fact that it's a real possibility, even this season.

The biggest example of this would have been our own Colorado Springs West Regional this past spring. As you remember, the Tigers were partnered with Michigan State, New Hampshire and Notre Dame. A good solid mix of teams from different conferences and different areas of the country. If it were based on regions, it would have been the Tigers, Air Force, DU and North Dakota. Part of me says "wohoo!" for two Colorado Springs teams duking it out with rival DU and conference rival North Dakota. Of course, you would have 3 WCHA teams in the same bracket beating eachother senseless and outside of the Front Range and UND, no one would really care. However, you would have to think that the arena would have been packed to the roof and LOUD with the locals who did care, and you would have had the rival fans going at it as well as the players.

That aspect would definitely be a selling point to me because the WA was pretty quiet last spring. The biggest problem I have with the logic behind this is travel expenses. Ok so planes aren't cheap, so seed them semi-regionally in the "bus league" format that many minor-league teams do. Sure gas could sky rocket again, but I filled up today with premium on a major road for $1.90 for my 5.9L gas hog (bet the red Prius owners right next to me felt dumb for shelling out who-freaking-knows-what for their toxic-battery-tree-hugging-mobile). Unless there's some dramatic turn of events in the UAE (which is never out of the question), then for at least this season go semi regionally. Here's another cost-saving measure. Don't send DU/CC/AFA/UAA (what? they could make it!) to New Hampshire, Boston etc. It's not fair to the players travel, fans, and it's expensive!

Anyway, enough of that. The Tigers take on Mankato in the Springs tonight at 7:37 and tomorrow at 7:07 to resume the season and begin the final race for a second MacNaughton Cup, a first Broadmoor Trophy and a great tournament seeding. Hope you are enjoying viewing the blog the way it was supposed to be viewed, with no blue and purple links!!