Friday, October 17, 2008

Tigers Open WCHA Play Tonight

Okay so it's still the middle of Thursday night, but it's still technically Friday so I'm going to do a game day preview. The Tigers welcome Michigan Tech to the World Arena and hopefully a loud and excited crowd greets them to open conference play. Yes I know the weather feels like summer and the trees are glistening in the never-ending sunshine, but there is hockey and it's a great time. I myself will not be able to attend (moving) so I'm hoping others will make up for my absence ;)
Anyway, I promised a preview of Michigan Tech, so here's a quick briefing of a team that has been pretty weak in recent years:

  • The Huskies currently hold a 1-1 record after playing in the Superior Cup last weekend (lost to Northern Michigan, beat Lake Superior)
  • Lost to Toronto in exhibition opener which one blogger found to be embarrassing
  • Went 14-20-5 last season
  • Lost to North Dakota in 3 games in the first round of WCHA playoffs last season
  • CC tied them 2-2 and won 5-2 in the series in Houghton last season
  • Upset CC in '06-07 at the World Arena in 3 games in the WCHA playoffs (I was home on break for that one, ugh)
  • CC leads series 86-68-10
  • Series dates back to 1947
  • Tech has 10 players that have never played CC
  • Haven't won 20 games in a season since '87-88
  • Freshman goalie Corson Cramer is from Colorado Springs (Cheyenne Mountain) and his family lives across the street from my parents. He played for the Ohio Junior Blue Jackets the past 2 seasons
Friday: CC 5, MTU 2
Saturday: CC 4, MTU 1
I think CC will start to get it's scoring going a little better and be able to use the large ice and inexperience of the Huskies to open it up a bit. Tech's output will rely solely on the Tigers goaltender as the defense has shown a tendency to creep up too much and leave the 'tender hanging. I think Bachman may get a 1 game weekend, depending on what happens Friday. That being said, conference points are all important so don't be surprised if Bachman takes both nights.