Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Uncaged Wednesday

Humpday means that the WCHA tournament is only a mere two days away and the Tigers get the chance to redeem themselves and squeak into the WCHA tournament. CHN has the Tigers as one of the bubble teams that could sneak in with a good showing over the next two weekends.
The Tigers are currently in a 3-way logjam tie for 14th in the Pairwise rankings which translates to being right on the outside.
On a fun note, I noticed that Dre Vlassopolous changed his Facebook pic to one that Missy J took over the weekend, pretty freaking sweet. Oh and for those of you that call me a stalker-I found it because one of my visits to the site today tracked back to his profile and bamo, there you go. Not much else in the way of Tiger news today but I'll have some more coverage of this upcoming weekends' battle with the Bulldogs tomorrow.