Friday, February 13, 2009

Tigers Win Gold Pan Via Tie

From Colorado College Tigers vs DU Pioneers

The Tigers tied DU tonight and locked up a 3rd straight Gold Pan trophy as kings of the Colorado WCHA teams.
The Tigers played extremely well, the Pioneers played extremely well and the end result is a 3-3 tie. CC looked to have the game wrapped up until DU ripped a goal over Bachman's left shoulder with 55 seconds left to tie the game. The Tigers would have probably liked to win the Gold Pan outright with a nice win but there is still one game left to end the season so they can go out with a bang. I was impressed with DU's goalie Marc Cheverie; he had some pretty ridiculous saves. Once again, Bachman was a stud against the Pioneers with two point-blank stuffs that I though for sure got behind him.
The TV coverege, although with DU announcers, was pretty good. Camera work was so-so, they missed DU's final goal. Colorado Springs native Alanna Rizzo (Sierra HS I think?) was kinda annoying to me, she stumbles over her words too much-for whatever reason I don't like her, haha.
I was just excited to be able to watch the game on TV, since I'm displaced to the SouthWest BUT I had 2 goals and 2 assists in my game tonight so I can't complain!
More links and Missy J's pics (I hope!) to come tomorrow!