Thursday, January 15, 2009

WCHA Expansion Vote

So much for the moratorium. I just found the following article on the Gazette from the wire that the WCHA is voting on a possible expansion today. I'll have more details as soon as I find out.


The Western Collegiate Hockey Association, meeting at the NCAA Convention, faces the subject of expansion today. A vote will be taken by the WCHA's 10 member schools on whether to lift a 10-year moratorium on expansion.

Bemidji State is a member of a dying four-team league, College Hockey America, which is expected by many to operate through 2009-10. Coach Tom Serratore's team will then need a new conference.

Each WCHA school has one vote today and a simple majority will be needed to lift the moratorium. If lifted, the league would be open to applications, and WCHA officials would screen schools meeting admission criteria. After any on-site visits to applying schools, the WCHA can invite applicants to make a presentation at league meetings April 26-28 in Marco Island, Fla.

To be admitted, an applicant would need eight of 10 votes. It's likely a new member would begin play in the WCHA in 2010-11, said league commissioner Bruce McLeod.

The Bemidji State women's program is part of the women's WCHA.


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