Monday, December 22, 2008

<- Are we heading toward this madness???

If you still manage to follow the NHL (as you know the ugo unis scared me away) you are probably planning on tuning into the Winter Classic on New Year's Day. I found a cool article about the joys of the game from another blogger here.
One of my favorite websites,, considers this kind of promotion "corporate douchebaggery" and this post from the 19th warranted a "major douchebaggery" tag. I'm not even going to go into that, it's just disgusting.
On the same note, Reebok...sorry...RBK....wait...RBK (there, now it looks like the NHL jerseys, not sweaters anymore, jerseys) is having a "find the missing logo" contest to take away from the game, errr, creatively promote themselves more. This post discussing this horrific page. Pretty annoying to me, I'm more of a "pure" hockey fan. Give me a good game and I'll watch, hence my love for college hockey. I don't need timeout entertainment or dancing ice girls to keep my attention like the NHL, just hockey.
And if the ice starts looking like the pic below, I'm sticking to NHL 08!

It's Christmas vacation back to Colorado Springs for me the next week so the blog will probably be quiet. Everyone have a great Christmas and a big hello to our CC fan in Quebec!