Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saturday Night Wrap

I still don't have internet so finding time to post is a little short, but I'll be up to full blast shortly. Eric Walsky must have eaten his Wheaties yesterday because he accounted for 4 of the Tigers' 7 goal explosion last night. I knew it would be a tough series, North Dakota is always big, strong and talented even if they aren't ranked. A split will probably sit just fine with CC, although all 4 points would have been nice. It's good to see how the team rebounded from their first loss of the season. If we land 7 goals every time after a loss, fans might actually want the Tigers to lose a bit, ha. On a fun Uncaged note, I landed on the blog list last night for my measily "Tigers Win" post, kinda cool. And for those of you still ticked about the messed up blue and purple links, they should be fixed soon. I've got some great advice from a co-worker and a blog follower and as soon as I find the glitch, the site will be much more readible. With my Huskers stomping KU yesterday, the Broncos off today and the win on Thursday plus the Tigers' 7 goal explosion, I may be in the mood to dig through some code today! Have a great rest of the weekend!

I just picked up something of extreme interest to WCHA fans from Mike Chambers' blog this play a 1/2 WCHA schedule so they wouldn't be too much of a change. Not sure about UNO, could they compete?? What are your thoughts?

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