Sunday, November 2, 2008

DU-CC Weekend Notes

So I was traveling for the first part of the weekend and couldn't post anything from the tie Friday night, but I did watch most of it. It was pretty obvious after five minutes that both teams are very very good, which should provide us with a great rivalry this season. Bachman made 44 freaking saves, he's still got it. I caught a couple of mistakes in the telecast and the paper Saturday. FSN's wanna-be rinkside reporter asked one of our players (I forgot who now) how the series is different this season because of the change to home and home....ummm as long as I can remember that's the way it's been. The only difference this season is they don't play consecutive nights. Second error, the Gayzette tabbed tonight's game as the series' finale. Ummmm, we play DU twice more this season, not how I would define "series' finale", I know they were trying to sound dramatic, but that's stupid.
So tonight the Tigers take on DU(D) at the World Arena on ESPNU with a (hopefully) big national audience. Although I really want the Tigers to win, what I want more is an intense, high-speed, high-skill game to showcase our teams and the WCHA to the rest of the country who never gets a chance to watch us!
Speaking of rivalries, the reason why I want it to be a great game is because when one team has a down cycle, it's not so much a rivalry. For example, my Huskers got stomped by Oklahoma last night because OU is amazing and Callahan ruined our program so we are still rebuilding. Getting blown out 62-28 isn't fun, but when OU was in their down time, NU stomped 'em 69-7 in 1997 and 73-21 the year before. That's just how it goes. But anything is better than being a cu fan, what a joke!!
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