Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Good Start

The Tigers started out a little slow and had some early defensive breakdowns that hung Bachman out to dry twice, but after 10 minutes the Tigers were onto their game. The Tigers played their game and used their crisp passing and smooth skating to sail past the Golden Bears 5-2. The bears were finishing up their 3rd straight game against the Front Range teams and I'm impressed they played as well as they did. The team from Edmonton played hard and stayed with the Tigers for the most part but started to run out of gas in the 3rd.

Some notes and observations from ice level:

  • Chad Rau had 2 goals and 2 assists and looks to be the big time sniper the Tigers need
  • Billy Sweatt looks even faster this season
  • Dan Quilico looks like a boy playing among grown men, haha
  • Drew O'Connell came in at 10 minutes of the 2nd period and only faced 9 shots
  • The crowd was very good considering it was an exhibition game (listed at 5589)
  • Players now have "TIGERS" lettering on their helmets instead of the logo
  • All beer is now $6 at the Arena (pretty sure Bud was $4 or $5 previously)
  • The goalies on the bench wore their masks the whole game, not sure if it's an official WCHA rule this season but I know they had talked about it last year for safety
  • Alberta players all wore half-shields like Canadian Major Juniors
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